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From Rituals to Tombs… Venture beyond into visual fascination igniting passionate ideas in the form of circles spinning a larger picture than appeared to be.

Circle of Zav

Circle of Zav (CoZ) is a hybrid Arts focused project with only 1000 existing pieces.

Our Mission

The mission of CoZ is to become a leading creative community fueled with supporting creators & members into their own mythical worlds of limitless creativity... Doing so by hosting art workshops, opportunities to get your piece exposed to many eyes and start your own path alongside various other provisions to help you move forward whether you are a creator or simply a trader with some love for artistic collectibles.

Your Access Pass to All

Flagship utility will be access to claims of future art releases exclusively done by Zav. Side-lined Utility will be purely fueled by the community and will head into the designated trajectory demanded by the Circle, This can consist of anything from quality private alpha to workshops with real meaningful skillful benefits with free access to members of the circle accompanied with fulfilling the community's wishes for a more unique yet favorable out of the ordinary execution style.



Zav is an individual with a unique touch spiced out with intense detail when it comes to bringing art to life.... Or to a spin one might say. He has been illustrating as of recent years with previous official duties with respective companies and now plans to take his passion which has been undergoing for months creating unique 1000 Pieces directly from the heart of Amsterdam.

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